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10 Holiday Hockey Gifts Under $30

Hello my friends! Holiday season is finally around the corner woohoo ^_^ 2021 is a hard year for lots of us and we deserve something good to treat ourself, our family, and our friends. Here is the list of some holiday hockey gifts that I think is needed or potentially needed by some hockey players around you. Give thanks and share love! With this year’s supply chain delays, I would recommend everyone start their holiday shopping early. This post does not contain any affiliate link and company advertisement. As a voice in the hockey community I work to share products that I truly find interesting and worth purchasing to our readers. 

Off-ice Pucks

There are various types of puck hockey players can get to improve their stickhandling skills and all of them work slightly different. There is a lineup of hockey balls for off-ice practice, for street hockey, for floor hockey, for inline skate hockey, and even for mini hockey. For dryland stickhandling practice, I would recommend Green Biscuit because it works the best on moving over surfaces like concrete and asphalt by using the two-piece design to reduce friction and vibration and match the feel of a puck on the ice. You will see it often in my “how to” videos and Zoom off-ice workouts. 


The 3 in 1 pack for tapes and wax is a great gift combo for hockey players. The cloth stick tape adds a generous helping of sticky adhesive and defy wear and tear for days. The shin guard tape is to keep players’ shin guards in place and stretchy enough to expand and contract with their muscles. And the hockey stick wax is to help prevent ice and snow build-up allowing players to feel the puck.

Stick Grip

There are some stick grip options on the market for hockey players who are sick of taping the stick, trying to avoid holes on their gloves, or looking for some customizations on their stick to match the team color. Buttendz is the pre-wrapped hockey grip that aims to help hockey players have better feel and better performance on the ice with the natural elastic rubber. Lizard Skin is relatively cheaper and it is the rubber tape players can wrap around the stick based on their style and preference. Sniper Skin is also a pre-wrapped hockey grip but it accepts customization. Players can pick the team color and put team logo, player name, and number on it.

Mini Hockey Set

Wanna have some fun time with your buddy or your kids during holidays? Mini Hockey sounds like a great idea! There is no skill requirement to play and this sport is really friendly with young kids.  Everyone out there playing will have a fun time. It works perfect in a tight area and there is no need to worry about breaking your walls and windows at home. The whole set of mini hockey with one net, two sticks, and one ball is under $30. Definitely worth buying it for yourself, your friends, or your family for holiday hangouts. 

Odor Removal Product

All the hockey players understand the pain of doing laundry to get rid of the odor from their hockey equipments. The smell stays, even if you air it out after every single play. There are some sport equipment dryers on the market and they are EXPENSIVE. So the best and easiest way to fix it is using odor removal products. Each brand call it slight differently such as odor eliminator, odor remover, or equipment spray, but they all work the same and fall into the same price range. 

Skates Guard

There is at least one time for most of the hockey players that they forgot something in their car after they got fully dressed. It could be a wallet, a water bottle, a hockey stick or any type of thing. People can get really frustrated by taking their skates off, walking to the car, and putting their skates back on, especially when the game will start in 5 minutes. A pair of walkable skate guard could easily solve this problem and become your game savior. It has different options in color. Make sure to get the right one for your hockey mate to match his/her team jersey, not their rival’s. 

Hockey Wrap Around

Hockey wrap around is a piece of plastic that hockey player can put under their hockey stick to protect the blade. It allows hockey players to use their favorite ice hockey sticks on concrete or asphalt without fear of damaging the blade. Say goodbye to cheap sticks for off-ice training!

Hockey Tee

No one will say no to a free graphic tshirt, especially with their favorite team or brand logo on it. Most of the tees in hockey store will be in good quality and under budget. Go grab a tee for your hockey mate during this holiday season and share the love of hockey. 

Something About Hockey

You will actually find lots of products in hockey store that are not about hockey, such as blankets, mugs, speakers, and candles. But they could easily turn into great gifts for hockey players by adding their favorite team logos. Pick the one that your think your friend will like. Most of those small things are under $30. 

Hockey Store Gift Cards

Don’t know what do they like for hockey? No problem! Nothing can go wrong with gift cards. Getting one from a hockey store for your hockey friends or families and they can order the products based on their preference and need. There are many different online hockey stores you can visit to get the gift cards such as Hockey Monkey, Ice Warehouse, and Pure Hockey. Or you can check out at the local hockey shop to see if they have it available to sale. For people who live in Southern California, Pure Hockey accepts gift cards both online and in-store to make your purchasing experience better.

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