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How To Take A Slapshot In Ice Hockey

Hello my friends! Today, I’m going to talk about how to take a slapshot in ice hockey. In this video, I will use my teammates and myself as examples and break down each move in details. This video will introduce you the mechanics of slapshot so that you can apply those tips into your practice later.

Puck Placement

For puck placement, ideally the puck supposed to be a little closer to the back foot while you are taking a slapshot. But nothing can be perfect in a real game situation. Practice will help you to find the sweet spot and let you have a better sense of the adjustment. 

Weight Transferring

Weight transferring is the key of taking a slapshot. We need to make sure to initiate the weight transfer from back foot to front foot in a clean motion.

Back Swing

The green arrow in the photo indicates where the blade needs to be to initiate the motion of a slapshot. The degree of the back swing could be slightly different depending on whether it’s a full motion powerful slapshot or a quicker slapshot.

Driving Through

The big different between a slapshot and a wristshot is that your stick needs to contact the ice prior to strike the puck for a slapshot. As you can see, the yellow line is the stick supposed to hit. And hitting the ice first will help your stick have a better flex.

Stick Flex

The yellow curve shows how much flex her stick has when she takes a slapshot. The bend will help you to snap the puck into the net. 

Following Through

The green arrow in the picture shows the following through after the weight transfer motion. What I mean following through is the motion of pointing where the puck is going to the net by using the stick and looking at the net at the same time. 

Arm Framing

Here is a really important tip, making sure don’t collapse your arm while doing a slapshot because it could let you lose the power of your shot. You can have a better idea by looking how perfect she’s doing it with her arm straight and strong. 

Finish Look

Here is the finish look of taking a slapshot. Perfect following through with both blade and eyes, and shifting the weight to the front foot. If you are wondering why there is another green arrow on the back, that was ME!!

Later in the video, you will see me analyzing my own slapshots and I actually found some details I really need to work on. Strongly recommend you to record yourself while doing it and watch it frame by frame. Not only for slapshot, same thing for other drills, including your skating moves on the ice. It will help you understand the movement in a different angle. 

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